Hidden Curriculum

What is hidden curriculum? Is it good or evil? Why does it exist and what can we do about it?
These are all questions that we have been discussing in our forum in my course 3210.

I wasn’t truly aware of what was meant by hidden curriculum but it turns out there is much more learning happening for students beyond the formal curriculum we teach to. And sometimes the content of the hidden curriculum can have a longer lasting effect on a student and/or can change the path they are on or the course they take.
As teachers, being aware that hidden curriculum exists, that you are transparent about it and even discuss the topic can lead to greater awareness and the impacts of the results.
As a learner, thinking about what I have learned from the hidden curriculum in this PID program is overwhelming and I feel it’s importance to me and my growth outweighs my learning from the formal curriculum.

I have attached an article that discusses hidden curriculum as a positive.


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