Blog Envy

I’ve been sifting through my blog trying to figure out how I can organzie the content better, or at least have it more organzied and user friendly and I seem to be at a bit of a roadblock. I became curious if it is my skill level, my creativity (or lack thereof) or my motivation. So I thought it would help to really delve into the blogs of my classmates that I had previously been impressed with and critically dissect how they were presented and designed and….. well….now I have blog envy!
Oh my goodness, such wonderful expressive blogs and all so uniquely different. Darn it…why didn’t I design mine like theirs? How come I chose that template? Why did I pick those colours? Is my content even remotely interesting? I had so many questions running around in my mind with the overwhelming thought that I have my work cut out for me if I want to change it.
After sleeping on it and reflecting further I decided to take a step back for a bit and reflect further on the 2 questions from the article on self-regualted learning that I posted on a previous post (see The Secret of Self-Regulated Learning).

In the meantime I happen to check out our forum and came across this post about resistance and how to keep motivation going from my fellow classmate James. James shared a quote from the book “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.
He identifies the ‘Resistance’ that is, ‘when we defer from doing what we know we need to be doing to achieve our goals we have’, and instead get distracted by something else. He also focuses on the notion that the resistance only needs to be overcome for that one session, ‘right now’. Later you can defer but right now you need to overcome for the good of the goal.

This quote resonated with me in two ways. It signifies self-forgiveness and suggests that resistance is okay. It also suggests you ask yourself what do you really want? And if that is your goal how can you overcome resistance for the short term? My aha here is that I can break my big goal of creating a more savvy, slicker blog into into small goals that are more attainable and realistic and ultimately of least resistance – which will then support my big goal!

Okay – blog envy no more! Time to get motivated.


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