Visible Learning – forum posts

The forum on “Visible learning” was another great forum with many vehicles to determine if learning is truly happening for our students.
We began with a discussion on the stressors of learning and how sometimes stress is a good thing. The video below describes how stress could work in our favour.

We then went on to discuss self-reporting or self- grading. An interesting concept that can work for or against you….at least in theory.
Below are a few links that discuss both self-grading and a very powerful video called “The Art of Possibility” by Zander and Zander (2000). The video expresses what cna happen when we get so caught up in grading ourselves. Their book is equally powerful and I have posted the link below and on my resources page.

Zander, R.S. & Zander, B. (2000). The art of possibility. New York, NY: Penguin.


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