Motivation – forum discussion

What really is motivation? I agree it is very personal for each of us so how does one instructor motivate many?

In this forum we discussed the how the what and the why’s of motivation. Below are a few links to articles that stood out to me.

We began with describing John Keller’s motivational theory called ARCS. Below is a video of him describing his theory – grabbing attention is key in engaging a student. It is an hour long but if you have the time a good video. Recognize your limits – Don’t motivate the motivated. What is the perceived gap?

I also enjoyed the TED talk from Dan Pink on motivation. We submitted a journal entry on this talk. I’m curious for all of you how you can tap in to your students creativity.
Motivation and how our brains work is an interesting concept. The article below explains the what behind the brain and the link to motivation.

And this next one is defintitely one that strikes a chord with me. How we use our words can motivate each person so differently. Sometimes as a trainer or instructor you need just the right word or a different person with the right word for the penny to drop and motivation or learning happen.


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