Self-Directed Learning – forum discussion summary

The forum discussion on self-directed learning was the first forum discussion I have ever participated in. It was an eye-opener for sure. First learning how to get around all the posts and then taking in all the information. It was a great start to the forum discussions and a very high precedent was set. I am reblogging a summary that one of the forum facilitator’s posted on the subject of self-directed learning. Thanks Rhonda!

•Heutagogy is the study of self-determined learning. It involves the process of learning content, as well as learning how to learn.
•Self-directed learning can be intimidating for incoming students. An instructor may encounter resistance when first introducing self-directed activities.
•Assessing students needs through the use of conversation and questions may help in engaging each student.
•To foster a self-directed learning environment, the instructor should create a safe, positive environment that includes encouragement and quality, timely feedback.
•Informal assessments, such as muddiest point may help gauge student comprehension, interest and engagement of a subject.
•There are four recognized facets to becoming a self-directed learner:
•Helping students learn to be organized, prioritize tasks and manage their time may increase confidence, leading to an increase in self-direction.
•Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivators may be directly linked to the self-directedness of students.
•There are varying degrees of self-directedness that are determined by our current circumstances, past experiences, available time and existing knowledge of the topic.
•Keep a few extra learning activities in your back pocket in case a lesson is not going as well as you had hoped. This allows you to be flexible.


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