The Flipped Classroom

My forum topic starting tomorrow is all about the flipped classroom, creative, critical and metacognitive thinking skills.

Here’s a link that defines the flipped classroom. Great start posted by my classmate – thanks Barb!


Our forum continued with many thoughts on what a flipped classroom is, how it affects the instructors techniques, the benefits to students, the drawbacks and the future of flipping.
I have posted below some of the links that inspired me, fired me up, got me thinking and left me questioning. enjoy!

This first link is about critical thinking – the basis of why we want to flip our classrooms is to get students to think creatively and critically.,%20Snyder.pdf

How about thinking outside the box? Another concept that is so widely celebrated.

More info on what a flipped classroom really is about:

Once you flip…you’ll never go back….really? Check out the link below:

And finally…does flipping your classroom make you a more effective instructor and allow students to be better learners?

Some final thoughts:


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